After 5 months of working on this project. I would be glad to announce that we have a alpha release. The objective of P2PRC is to create a p2p network where nodes can share each others computatination power in a virtualized manner (i.e digital ocean where anyone can share resources). In the alpha release the choice of virtualization used is docker. The current release will support docker. It should be noted that from the next release onwards we will not support the docker daemon. We will try to provide backwards compatability as much as we can but I have decided to ditch the docker daemon and write compatable code from containerd.

Major features

  • IPV4 and IPV6 support: All the nodes can listen to both IPV4 and IPV6 addresses. It can be noted that with IPV6 there are minor issues detected in certain PC in terms of SSH into a docker container which is mostly on the server side.

  • Hopping mechanism: Since it’s a p2p network we have a very simple implementation that hops though servers and downloads it’s IP tables. In our implementation. This contains about imformtaion of other servers in the network. This way nodes can automatically learn parts of the network. The current implementation uses 3 hops.

  • Possibility to run any docker container: To satisfy this the server must already have the docker container and the must ensure that the SSH username is ‘master’ and password is ‘password’ in creation of new servers. It’s not secure but worksout for this version for now.

The test network will be avaliable for use from the beta release which should come out on the 5th of july 2021. The network will consist of 1 node which runs on a paid cloud server as I do not keep my machines on 24/7. The node up will help to connect with other nodes and the paid cloud server cannot be used to create and remove containers.