Internet Of Energy

The excess carbon emissions has been dramatically rising. The changes are visible in the most sensitive places such as polar ice caps. It starts with huge demands with electricity and fuel cars. We want to be a part of the solution rather than the part of our problem. Our platform creates the opportunity where those who want can sell electricity to anyone in the grid. We currently only work on prototypes and we are striving on making the application production ready.


Our inspiration comes from the design of a rechargeable battery (i.e.power banks). We introduce a concept called transactional battery.Current travelling through households will reduce battery duration and also cause more power loss. This can be fixed by just forwarding and receiving power all from just one transactional battery per locality. The number of nodes a transactionalbatterycan host depends based on the battery type used. To eliminatepower loss a transactional battery can be hooked up with solar panels or most prominent renewable power source available in thatarea. To ensure that we can transfer energy from one micro grid to another we can scale it up the same way, i.e.,transactional battery connected to another transactional battery of a higher level.Every micro grid will have a unique IDlike a domain name that links to the server IPV6 address and server which controls getting or giving power from the battery. The communication will be standard TCP/IP to improve software development speed and adding more features. An open source software can be run by a non-profit organization like ICANN that could allow buying and selling of electricity.