This project aims to create a marketplace where anyone generating energy by using renewable sources can sell it to anyone in the grid. This will in most cases will be cheaper and aims to have no carbon emissions.This entire platform has two versions, a centralized and a decentralized version.The centralized version uses the client-server architecture while decentralized version uses the concept of a transactional battery along with relay modules which is used to forward and receive power from other batteries. We were able to transfer energy from one power bank to the other using relays.


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Main repositories

  1. Centralized IOE: We will use a simple backend model that can communicate with smart meters at home to control the flow of the electricity. The client-server architecture has a lot of support and tools available for development. This means we can create functioning platform with a lot of features at a quicker pace.
  2. IOE relays api: The Concept of IOE is that anyone can buy electricity from anyone. Once a transaction is successful there must be a way to transfer electricity. This code will run on a raspberry pi and using relays it will control the flow of electricity.
  3. IOE electricity cost: In this repo we will focus on designing a module that helps decide the cost in the electric grid based on supply and demand.